BNSF Introduces New Intermodal Service Schedules In its Northern Region

BNSF Introduces New Intermodal Service Schedules In its Northern Region

Jun 09, 2015

BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) today announced new service schedules for its domestic intermodal customers to and from Chicago and St. Paul, Minn. to the Pacific Northwest. The new schedules are in direct response to marketplace demand and are a result of BNSF’s record capital investments along its Northern Corridor route. The new schedules will take effect Sept. 14.

Due in large part to its investments along the north, BNSF will now be able to offer domestic intermodal service schedules designed to meet customers’ needs. The new schedules will feature Expedited service seven days a week for westbound traffic and six days a week for eastbound traffic, which is one day more than is currently offered in the marketplace for this region. BNSF will also be the only rail operator to offer Expedited service to and from Seattle.

“From 2013 through the end of this year BNSF will have invested nearly $3.5 billion in our Northern Region to maintain and improve our rail network to better serve our customers’ transportation needs,” said Katie Farmer, BNSF consumer products group vice president. “BNSF is now running quicker and more consistently. The added capacity and maintenance work we regularly conduct is progressing as planned and will generate significant benefits to our customers for years to come.”

BNSF offers a range of intermodal service options designed to meet customers’ specific shipping requirements. The two primary service options are “Expedited” and “Standard.” Standard service averages about 600 miles per day and Expedited service averages about 800 miles per day, making it on average 20 percent faster than standard. Click here for specific schedule details.

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