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Service Options In & Out of Mexico

Whether you're shipping raw materials or grains by the carload or finished products or vehicles by the container- or truckload, BNSF Mexico has a shipping solution for you. BNSF Mexico offers our customers a spectrum of carload, agricultural, intermodal and automotive rail shipping solutions to move freight into and out of Mexico. And even if your facility is not rail-served, you'll still be well served by BNSF Mexico, through our effective transload solutions.

BNSF/KCS Intermodal Solutions

BNSF and Kansas City Southern (KCS) offer joint intermodal service connecting Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth with some of the fastest growing consumer and industrial markets in Mexico. The five-day-a-week, cross-border service provides  joint northbound and southbound Intermodal service to/from either Monterrey, San Luis Potosí or Toluca, Mexico to/from Dallas/Fort Worth or Chicago, with additional southbound service to Laredo, Texas.

Customers can also connect to other regions along our 32,500-mile network including service to/from the West Coast and to/from the Pacific Northwest.

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    BNSF/FXE Intermodal Solutions

    BNSF, in joint service with Ferromex (FXE), also offers the region a simple way to reduce trucking costs and delays, with an intermodal service between Chicago and Silao.


    Advantages En Route

    • Lower cost than over-the-road trucking. 6th morning availability meets single driver transit times
    • Centrally located Silao hub requires fewer dray miles in Mexico to and from key markets
    • Avoids highway congestion in the U.S. and Mexico
    • Dedicated 24-7 customer support team to track your shipments from in-gate Mexico to out-gate U.S.
    • Superior double-stack ride and cargo security


    Better at the Border

    • No cross-border trucking across congested highway bridges
    • No border transfer or handling fees
    • Southbound shipments are pre-cleared and move in-bond through the border and onto the Silao ramp to minimize customs clearance delays
    • Customers can use the customs broker of their choice at Silao to clear cargo, utilizing the facility’s in-bond area
    • Northbound shipments are pre-cleared


    New infrastructure = faster, more reliable transit

    For more information on Mexico Intermodal solutions, contact a BNSF or FXE sales expert today.

    BNSF Intermodal Rules and Policies Guide
    General rules and policies for BNSF Intermodal.

    BNSF-FXE Silao Intermodal: Reference Document for Beneficial Cargo Owners
    BNSF/FXE Intermodal Service - Chicago-Silao - Quick Reference Guide
    A short summary that explains customs clearance and documentation procedures for carriers to use with their customers.

    BNSF-FXE Silao Intermodal: Reference Documents for Carriers
    Service and Documentation Guidelines for Carriers
    Includes billing instructions, points of contact for southbound and northbound shipment for carriers, a one-time Power-of-Attorney form to be filled out by the Mexico importer in order to process the T-3 in-bond movement and a one-time Power-of-Attorney optional form to be filled out by the U.S. exporter for BNSF/Double Stack Services to submit shipment export declarations to U.S. Customs.

    New Customer On-Boarding Checklist
    A checklist of what is needed for southbound and northbound shipments.

    Power of Attorney Form – Shipper Export Declarations
    A simple, one-time Power-of-Attorney optional form filled out by the US exporter for BNSF/Double Stack Services to submit shipment export declarations to U.S. Customs.

      Automotive Solutions

      BNSF is a leader in shipping automobiles and automotive parts, with an established reputation for service, security and cost-effective service. We ship more than 1.9 million new vehicles annually for Honda, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota and others. Our extensive automotive transportation network includes 24 automotive shipping facilities in the United States. BNSF Mexico is a major resource for auto shipping from Mexico. We continue to enhance our ability to serve the automotive industry, acquiring 2,676 automotive multi-level cars in recent years and introducing the only intermodal service to Silao.

        Carload Solutions

        BNSF Mexico offers carload solutions that are consistent, reliable and cost-effective. We utilize the industry's most modern fleet of carload equipment to meet your capacity needs and connect you with BNSF's vast North American network. We are experts at the cross-border shipping of a range of commodities, including building materials, plastics, chemicals, minerals, machinery, metals, food, beverages and petroleum products. And we give our shippers access to a range of online tools that make the entire shipping process easier and fully visible. Online resources include Loading Diagrams and Equipment Guide.

          Transload Solutions

          You can still access the BNSF carload network even if your Mexico facility doesn't have direct rail access. BNSF Mexico works closely with premium transload partners and Mexican rail carriers to help you access the BNSF network at the most advantageous point for you. Find out about BNSF U.S. transload information

          Partners for Shipping Plastics, Lube Oils and Hazardous Materials

          CompanyLocationServed byTrack Capacity
          Bulkmatic Queretaro TFM 15
          Bulkmatic Leon TFM/FXE 10
          Bulkmatic Monterrey TFM/FXE 30
          Bulkmatic Guadalajara FXE/TFM 20
          Bulkmatic Mexico TFVM 150
          Horco Monterrey TFM 30
          Horco SLP TFM 12
          Horco Guadalajara TFM/FXE 30
          Horco Mexico TFVM 40
          Logistica Internacional Monterrey TFM 20
          AB Trading Limited Huehuetoca TFM 10
          Servicios y Operaciones Terrestres Teotihuacan FSRR 30
          Forkisa Monterrey TFM 8
          Katoen Natie Mexico TFVM 20
          Terminal Tacuba Mexico TFVM 30
          Lubrizol Monterrey TFM 20
          OTM Altamira FXE 60
          Mazahua Toluca TFM 15
          Aluminio y Zinc Nacional Monterrey TFM/FXE 3
          Puerta Mexico Toluca (Mina Mexico) KCSM 110


          Partners for Shipping Steel, Bulk Commodities and Machinery

          CompanyLocationServed byTrack Capacity
          Aceros Dondisch Mexico TFVM 6
          Aceros Prime Ramos Arizpe TFM 10
          Nacional de Acero Mexico TFVM 14
          Malla Soldada SLP TFM 12
          Belosa Toluca TFM 20
          Belosa Puebla FSRR 20
          Belosa Saltillo TFM 20
          Transportes GUME Monterrey TFM 35
          Transportes Flores Monterrey TFM 50
          La Concordia Queretaro TFM 10
          MJB Tableros Saltillo TFM 15
          Forkisa Saltillo TFM 40
          Terminal Tacuba Mexico TFVM 30
          Almacenadora Gomez Queretaro TFM 18
          Transportes Telleria Pachuca FSRR 5
          Aluminio y Zinc Industrial Monterrey TFM/FXE 3
          SIMERI Monterrey TFM 5
          Puerta Mexico Toluca (Mina Mexico) KCSM 110

            Agricultural Solutions

            BNSF Mexico is a major transporter of grain, connecting key grain-producing areas in the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Great Plains regions to major consumption markets in Mexico. We are experts in meeting the needs of whole grain, grain products and bulk foods shippers. BNSF Mexico typically runs 100-car grain shuttles to facilities in Mexico via connections with Ferromex and KCSM. We have rates in place with Ferromex and KCSM that share with shippers and receivers the benefits attained when moving these larger trains. BNSF Mexico can also handle smaller shipments to non-shuttle-train-capable facilities by arrangement. For rate information, see Rate Book BNSF – 4022-L and Agricultural Products Rates and Prices.


            Mexico Shuttle Facilities

            Terminal or ElevatorStationSTServing RR
            Agydsa El Castillo JA FXE
            ACS Penjamo GJ FXE
            Almer Andres Figueroa La Junta JA FXE
            Avigran/Tergran Salinas Victoria NL KCSM
            Bochoco Celaya GJ FXE
            Cargill Bojay HG FXE
            Concentra Patti MH FXE
            Contri Cuautitlan EM FXE/KCSM
            CP Ingredients/Arancia San Juan Del Rio QA KCSM
            Ferro Granos Torreon CU FXE
            Gramosa Ahorcado QA KCSM
            Grupo Lala/Nuplen Gomez Palacio DG FXE
            Internacional Grain San Luis Potosi SL KCSM
            Nutriba Viborillas QA FXE
            Pilgrim's Pride Queretaro QA KCSM
            Proan San Juan De Los Lagos JA FXE
            Ragasa Matamoros TM KCSM
            Sabamex/Harinas Tabalaopa CH FXE
            Silos Miguel Aleman Tlalnepantla EM FXE/KCSM
            Tysa/Silos Mecanizados Guadalajara JA FXE
            Yoggo Chicalote AG FXE/KCSM
            Yoggo San Luis Potosi SL KCSM

            U.S. Shuttle Facilities