1,000 Additional Units Being Made Available at BNSF’s Alliance Intermodal Facility

Jul 19, 2022

Effective Monday, August 1, BNSF will make 1,000 additional units available for immediate customer pick-up at its Alliance Intermodal Facility. BNSF will reposition Cantilever Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes (CRTGs) to the stacking area to allow immediate access to containers that were previously unavailable due to their position in the container yard.

Customers will be notified when containers become available. Please be aware that due to the amount of stacked containers not all units will be available. Some areas may still be inaccessible based on where the cranes can access, so please be sure the unit is notified prior to attempting to pick up the container.

The move is intended to generate additional capacity at Alliance while providing customers immediate access to their shipments. BNSF will load notified containers directly from the stacking area to a customer's chassis. Customers will need to provide a bare chassis for any accessible unit that is not notified as wheeled by BNSF.

BNSF also encourages customers to bring empty containers returning to the West coast when they come to retrieve units so that equipment imbalances may be restored.

As a reminder, storage information, including the last free day, is available via BNSF's web tools. BNSF intermodal customers with a BNSF.com user ID can access these tools by clicking on the Dashboard tab at the top of the BNSF.com Customer Portal.

In addition, customers who can support prompt pick-up of shipments unloaded at our intermodal facilities will help improve traffic flows, reduce lot congestion, and provide the space needed for processing inbound freight as expeditiously as possible. We greatly appreciate those customers who can implement flexible receiving hours to assist carriers and help improve the overall supply chain fluidity.

BNSF has multiple tools available for customers to track their shipments. Please contact your BNSF marketing representative if you have any questions.

As always, we thank you for your business and appreciate the opportunity to serve as your transportation provider.