BNSF Automotive: 2018-2019 Christmas and New Year's Operating Plan

Dec 6, 2018

BNSF's Automotive 2018-2019 Christmas and New Year's operating plan will remain focused on meeting customers' expectations while matching operations to any reductions in traffic volumes. This year, BNSF will observe the Christmas holiday on Monday, December 24, and Tuesday, December 25, and the New Year's holiday on Monday, December 31, and Tuesday, January 1, 2019.

The number of trains operating on BNSF track is typically lower over the Christmas and New Year's holidays due to reduced freight volume. BNSF's Automotive 2018-2019 holiday operating plan will adjust operations to account for this potential reduction in traffic and possible train consolidations. As a result, shipments from Sunday, December 23, through Sunday,
January 6
, may experience delays of up to 48 hours. Connecting carriers who have reduced operations for the holidays may cause delays on interline traffic.

Most of our automotive facilities are experiencing high railcar volume and inventories due to the extended holiday weekends causing elevated dwell. BNSF would like to remind our customers during this holiday period that most facilities' operations will continue 24/7, including Christmas Day and New Year's Day if conditions warrant. As always, we appreciate your help in keeping our facilities fluid.

For interactive tracking 365 days a year, please use BNSF's Tracking tool by logging in with your user name and password and selecting Track Your Shipment. For service issues, please call 888-428-2673.

Customer Support will maintain a limited staff on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve until 6 p.m. Standard coverage will resume at 6 a.m. on the Wednesday following each holiday.

Your business is important to us. Thank you again for choosing BNSF Railway as your transportation provider.