Coal Network Update for Friday, September 9, 2022

Sep 9, 2022

BNSF operating teams remain focused on generating improved performance coming out of the Labor Day holiday weekend. Overall velocity improved 2% versus the prior week, and we’ve significantly reduced the number of trains holding compared to recent weeks.

On Sunday evening, we experienced a service interruption due to high winds on our Southern Transcon, about 40 miles east of Needles, California. Crews were on the scene quickly and were able to restore service on the impacted track in approximately 18 hours.

We remain focused on maintaining positive performance momentum as our fall harvest and peak intermodal shipping season preparations continue. These preparations include prepositioning operational resources in strategic locations, snow removal equipment at critical facilities, and completing all our mainline maintenance projects on key routes.

The record-breaking heat wave across the West will continue through the weekend, and the risk for wildfire activity will also remain high in the western portion of the Pacific Northwest. Flash flood watches are currently in effect across much of Southern California and portions of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. BNSF teams will continue to address any track washouts and quickly restore service through affected locations.

The rail industry continues to work with our remaining labor unions to reach voluntary agreements based on the Presidential Emergency Board’s recommendations. The situation remains fluid, and we will continue to update you as information becomes available.