Process Changes Coming to Memphis Intermodal Facility on June 11, 2023

Jun 9, 2023

To enable a more efficient and safer driver experience at our Memphis Intermodal Facility, BNSF will be upgrading systems and implementing a new process for driver interaction with our wide span cranes.

On June 11, we will be upgrading our systems at our Memphis facility. We will be implementing the system changes from 6 a.m. CT to 1 p.m. CT to minimize impacts on operations. Personnel will be available on-site to support drivers through the transition of these new changes as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

As a part of this system upgrade, we will also be implementing a driver staging process to streamline container flow during higher lift demand times. This new process will allow the driver to wait for their container near the Driver’s Assistance Building (DAB), until a truck spot is available adjacent to the requested container. Once an appropriate truck spot is available, the driver will be prompted to proceed to the appropriate location via our RailPASS mobile application.

Drivers are highly encouraged to download and register to use the RailPASS mobile application to support not only these new changes, but also to utilize the other many features and functions to streamline their experience at BNSF facilities.

By following the RailPASS instructions, the driver will have an open truck spot near their container, creating a safer and more fluid environment with less congestion near the track and reducing the need for drivers to get out of their trucks for crane operators to locate them. Likewise, the crane operator will have clearer visibility into the location of the driver to load their container more efficiently as well.

New Staging Process:

  • After the driver completes their ingate or bobtail transaction at the kiosk:
    • Container Drop Off: The kiosk and RailPASS will display the driver processing instructions
    • Container Pick Up: The driver will be required to request a container pick-up lift via RailPASS or DAB kiosk
  • Next, driver instructions provided via RailPASS or kiosk will provide the truck spot location under the crane or wheeled parking
  • If an adjacent truck spot is unavailable, RailPASS will display a message indicating to proceed to a staging area and wait for a truck spot location assignment
  • RailPASS will alert the driver when a truck spot location has been assigned and can proceed to that location
    • Drivers will be processed in order based on request time and availability of spots under the crane for pickup
    • If a driver chooses not to use RailPASS, they can get their parking instructions at the DAB
  • Note: If the driver is utilizing RailPASS, they will need to follow the instructions from RailPASS or the kiosk explicitly as listed, as the crane operator will not have a work order to process a truck until a truck spot is assigned.

If you have any questions about this new process, please utilize the Message Us feature on the BNSF Customer Portal (must be registered/logged in to access) or contact BNSF Customer Support at 1-888-428-2673.