Waybill Requirement Change - Carload Customers Must Specify Third Party Pay on Non-Revenue Shipments

Feb 1, 2023

Beginning March 1, 2023, Carload customers will be required to specify a Third Party Pay on non-revenue shipments. Intermodal customers will not be required to change their process.

Current Process:
Currently, Carload customers are not required to designate a Third Party Pay on non-revenue waybills. In the case that a shipment is deemed to be a revenue movement and no freight payer is provided, the revenue invoice defaults to the car owner per Freight Tariff RIC 6007.

New Process as of March 1, 2023:
Beginning March 1, Carload customers must designate a Third Party Pay on any non-revenue shipment submitted through shipping instructions on BNSF.com so that, if the movement is deemed a revenue move, BNSF will invoice the designated party. However, Freight Tariff RIC 6007 remains unchanged; ultimate responsibility remains with the car owner.

When creating a waybill with BNSF, customers are able to save shipping instructions for future shipments. Carload customers should review all pre-existing, saved shipping instruction patterns and alter them as necessary to meet the new Third Party Pay requirement.

For any questions or assistance, please use Message Us and select Waybill Solutions for pattern assistance, or you can call 888-428-2673 and state Pattern Support at the prompt.