Team Tracks Guidance

Shipping Options

Team Track

A team track is a track designated by BNSF for use by multiple customers. To access BNSF property, your company must have an executed Right of Entry and Use Agreement as well as applicable insurance. BNSF review and approval is required. The party loading or unloading cars must also be insured.


Transload companies have facilities that can provide loading and unloading services for your business. Approved transloaders already have compliant insurance and appropriate agreements with BNSF. This is BNSF's preferred option because approvals and agreements are already in place.

Private Track (Industry Owned)

A private track is owned by another industry. The Industry must have compliant insurance.

Leased Track

A leased track is owned by BNSF but currently leased to another business. To utilize tracks leased to another business, the original lease may need to be amended or a new agreement put in place, requiring consent from BNSF and the existing business. Your company must have compliant insurance.

Team Track Guidance

Prohibited commodities

The following commodities are prohibited from team tracks:

  • Hazardous or nonhazardous waste.
  • Petroleum products or oils, including vegetable and animal fats, or materials that contain oils.
  • Hazardous or environmentally sensitive materials as defined by 49 CFR and STCC 29 and 49 (any placarded material).
  • Materials considered a marine pollutant, herbicide or pesticide.
  • Explosives as defined by the BOE 6000 series tariff.
  • Scrap metal or other recycling/salvage materials or operations, unless used solely for BNSF rail/scrap steel.
  • Mining ores, lead or zinc dross, or slag and similar materials.
  • Plastic pellets (PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc.).
  • Hydraulic and Portland cement.

We also reviewed certain minerals or chemicals that are controlled-use commodities but present a low risk. These include salt, clay, sand and urea-based fertilizers. We have approved these, but only for specific, pre-screened team track locations. BNSF must review these materials and their destinations before shipment.

BNSF's Environmental team may periodically amend the list of prohibited or restricted commodities for team tracks.

Demurrage policies

Demurrage applies to customers using team tracks or temporary usage tracks. For more information, please see BNSF's Demurrage Summary.

Insurance requirements

General Liability: $1m per occurrence / $2m per aggregate
List BNSF Railway as an additional insured with waiver of subrogation and primary and non-contributory coverage.

Auto Liability: $1m combined single limit
List BNSF Railway as an additional insured with waiver of subrogation and primary and non-contributory coverage.

Workers Compensation: Statutory limits per state where team track is located
Waiver of subrogation.

Please forward a copy of your insurance certificate to:

BNSF Railway Company
PO Box 140528
Kansas City, MO 64114


Fax: (817) 840-7487