UPDATE: Service Restored on Aurora Subdivision in Wisconsin

Sep 5, 2018

BNSF operations on our Aurora Subdivision, which runs between La Crosse, Wisconsin and Aurora, Illinois, have been restored. As we reported, heavy rain Monday night caused multiple washouts on this busy portion of our Northern Transcon route connecting Chicago and the Twin Cities.

Despite additional rainfall during the past 24 hours, BNSF crews addressed the flooded areas and quickly completed track repairs. Both main tracks through affected locations were returned to service yesterday evening. Customers may continue to experience delays on shipments designated to move through this corridor until operations have fully normalized.

Dry weather and favorable operating conditions for the area are expected through the remainder of the week.

If you have questions regarding your shipment(s), please contact BNSF Customer Support at 1-888-428-2673. We will continue to provide customers with further updates on any significant service interruptions.