BNSF and Uline: Building trust and loyalty is all part of the package

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May 31, 2023

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BNSF and Uline: Building trust and loyalty is all part of the package

When it comes to supporting our customers, dedication and focus on service enable us to work with them effectively and help us to meet expectations. 

A great example is our relationship with one of North America's leading distributors of shipping, industrial and packaging materials: Uline. For more than 10 years, BNSF and Uline have worked together to help grow their business through efficient supply chains. As a result, Uline has seen steady volume growth. 

Inbound products like industrial, janitorial and packing materials such as envelopes, poly bags, corrugated boxes and more are first sorted at Uline’s Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, warehouses. As sales orders are submitted from across the country, Uline ships to their domestic distribution network, including Seattle, Southern California, and Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Having product available in market for next-day delivery is important to Uline, and BNSF’s domestic intermodal service supports that with expedited transit schedules. “Our team understands the time sensitivity on the Uline freight, and we treat those westbound loads with a sense of urgency," Nelson Vargas, terminal superintendent, Los Angeles complex, said.  

Visibility, communication and execution are paramount for meeting Uline’s expectations.   

“Because of BNSF's commitment to consistently delivering expedited train services to Uline, in combination with excellent communication with J.B. Hunt in executing the ground (truck) operations, we have seen our business with Uline continue to grow," BNSF’s Gregg Zody, general director of Marketing, Consumer Products, said. “It's evident that the reward for great performance and a never-ending commitment to meeting Uline's transportation needs is the growth of our business together."  

Open dialogue, collaboration and understanding each other's expectations have been key to maintaining this successful relationship. 

“They appreciate the fact that they can connect with us directly to share their concerns and positives as well as their forecasts," Evan Partridge, director of sales, Consumer Products, said. “Because of that customer-focused dedication to their account, Uline continues to work with us even throughout challenging times."  

For Uline, crucial trust and loyalty have been built over many years of working with BNSF. 

“BNSF is like no other rail provider in our minds," Angelo Ventrone, vice president of Logistics at Uline, said. “When we run into challenges and issues, the BNSF team gets involved and looks for solutions. This relationship goes a long way to keep the issues to a minimum and helps us maintain the service levels we need." 

Angelo said it best when conveying his appreciation for BNSF's level of service: “Don't ever change this model," he said. “It is very important to our business and we appreciate all the hard work and dedication to our business." 

Considering how far our relationship with Uline has come, we're excited about the future. Its been a win-win for both, thanks to the dedication of our BNSF team members and their counterparts at Uline. Thank you to Uline for trusting us with your business. 

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