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We want to make shipping with us an easy and seamless experience. We've designed a set of tools and frequently asked questions to guide you through the process.

Find out how our intermodal network can be integrated into your supply chain. With 25 strategically located intermodal facilities across our network, we are in position to partner with you.

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Determining the best mix of transportation solutions can be a complex and challenging process. It doesn't have to be, though. Because we offer tools designed to help you determine the best fit for your supply chain and tools that help keep you connected on the go, and that makes managing and planning your supply chain easier than ever.


This user-friendly tool identifies the best BNSF shipping options for your freight and builds a custom report around your shipping needs. Your results will not only detail how partnering with BNSF Intermodal can save you time and money, but also how shipping via rail will positively impact the environment.


Need estimated transportation and delivery times for your shipping needs? This tool allows you to search for available schedules with improved speed and customization—and it's updated instantly when schedules are adjusted.