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Build or Expand a Rail-Served Facility

You can rely on BNSF's Economic Development team to partner with you to help expedite and facilitate the development of your facility. We work closely with companies, communities and consultants to establish transportation and distribution solutions that can enhance and improve your supply chain.

Doing business is much easier when you have the right partners to grow with you. With over 150 years of combined experience helping customers turn location advantages into opportunities, BNSF's Economic Development team can help guide customers through the entire process, from choosing a site to its design and ultimately its construction.

BNSF's team of Economic Development regional managers are here to help facilitate and expedite the development and expansion of your rail-served facility. You can count on us to guide you step-by-step through the economic development process which consists of three primary phases:

To get started, reach out to the BNSF Economic Development Regional Manager for your state so we can assess your business model and determine your transportation infrastructure needs. For helpful information on what you'll need to move forward, review our New Business Review Questionnaire.

In some cases, transloading might be a better option for incorporating rail into your transportation strategy. BNSF has a vast network of transloaders who offer many services including cross-docking, storage and forward-storing, load consolidation and inventory management.

At BNSF, we are a partner who can provide you with honest, intelligent and thorough information to help you make an informed decision. Whether you are selecting a new site, expanding rail-service at an existing location or evaluating transportation options in communities across our network, our Economic Development team is here to help our customers grow their business.

Here are some helpful tools to help make your transition to rail as seamless as possible.

Major Insurance Requirements

Every project is unique and may require a combination of agreements listed in this section. Early in the process, our team will help identify which agreements will be required for your specific rail project.

Online Property Search

Tools and Guidelines

Railroad Real Estate and Permits

Search for a BNSF Premier Site by using our online property database. BNSF offers a wide range of sites available for rapid development including:


BNSF Certified Sites are private parks that have gone through a vigorous review process to guarantee the site is ready for development. These sites offer direct rail service for customers looking to locate along BNSF.


BNSF Logistics Centers are BNSF owned business parks that offer direct rail service to multiple customers handling multiple commodities.


BNSF Logistics Parks offer warehouse and distribution space for customers moving international or domestic freight in trailers or containers. These parks are located near a BNSF intermodal facility so you can save on transportation and drayage costs.

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For a downloadable version on the benefits of selecting a BNSF Certified Site, click here.


Because each project is unique, collaboration with your Economic Development regional manager is essential in determining a plan that fits your exact needs. You can count on each of our regional managers to provide you with honest, intelligent and thorough information on which to base your decisions.

Consult the territory map and table below to identify and contact the regional manager in your specific territory.

Download the Rail Development Map Flyer

Territories Map

Reeve Geary Justin Pearson Jennifer Fitzgerald Lindsay Van Meter John Rider Eric Pitcher Peiter Hjerstedt Janet Black Jared Garmon James O'Donley Colby Tanner Don Karls Sam Galltin David Polzin Unit Train Mike Engstrom


  Name Contact
North Director Tel: 817-867-6482
Idaho, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Tel: 206-625-6355
Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba Tel: 701-280-7200
Illinois, Wisconsin Tel: 312-850-5699
Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming Tel: 303-480-6440
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Tel: 913-551-4148
South Director Tel: 817-867-6467
California Tel: 909-386-4020
Arizona, New Mexico Tel: 623-463-4133
North Texas, Oklahoma Tel: 817-867-6526
South Texas Tel: 817-867-0763
Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee Tel: 817-593-4035
Assistant Vice President Tel: 817-867-6336

Unit Train Contacts

Area Name Contact
Director Tel: 817-867-6436
Coal/Wind/Pipe Tel: 817-867-0779
Sand Tel: 913-551-4146
Unit Train North Tel: 817-867-6522
Unit Train South Tel: 817-867-0804
Renewables/Special Projects Tel: 817-867-6124

Co-Location Contacts

Area Name Contact
Director Tel: 817-593-6917

Port Director

Area Name Contact
North Tel: 360-418-6278
South Tel: 323-277-2016

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