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Covered Hoppers

Grain, Sugar, Flour, Fertilizer, Clay, Sand, Cement, Glass, Ores

Covered Hopper

Covered Hopper
Specifications Table Diagram (Jumbo) Diagram (Large) Diagram (Small)
Cubic Capacity 5161 to 5188 4427 to 4750 2700 to 3426
GWR 286,000 lbs 263,000 lbs 263,000 to 286,000 lbs
Hatch Type Trough, Combination Trough, Circular Trough, Circular
Outlet Gates Gravity, Pneumatic Gravity, Pneumatic Gravity
Commodities Grain, Sugar, Malt Grain, Sugar, Malt, Fertilizers, Potash, Sand, Clay, Alumina, Coke, Lime Sand, Perlite, Roofing Granules

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