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Disbursements Management (Accounts Payable)

Invoice RelatedEmail & Phone
Material Purchase Orders & Invoices
Electronic Billing or EDI

Tel: 888-703-7727, Option 2, 2
Service Invoicing & Purchase Orders
Service Payment Status

Tel: 888-703-7727, Option 3
Quick Pay Invoicing
Quick Pay Payment Status
General Account Payable
Tel: 888-703-7727, Option 3
Vendor Master
Maintenance (for existing vendors only)
Electronic Payment (ACH) Set-up

Tel: 817-234-2052
Payment Inquiries
1099 Questions

Strategic Sourcing & Supply

Sourcing RelatedEmail & Phone
Purchase Order, Material and Service-Related Inquiries
Tel: 888-703-7727
BNSF Material Freight Inquiries and Shipments
Tel: 855-894-3655
Diverse Business Enterprise